Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Joovy Scooter Giveaway!

I admit, when my oldest daughter was a baby, I was clueless when it came to baby gear. That's probably why I ended up getting a baby blue stroller with a Peter Rabbit print that I NEVER used. Not one time. I also bought a little cheapo umbrella stroller. It did the job, but neither my husband or I could push it without stooping over to reach the handles, and we always kicked the underside of the seat. I seriously think it was made for dolls.
Now that I have my youngest daughter, I like to think I'm a bit more stroller savvy. I know what I need and for which occasion. This year, my oldest daughter started kindergarten, so I often walk her to school and home each day, pushing my youngest in the one stroller we own. It's nice because it's lightweight and compact, but it's also a pain in the butt because it's lightweight and compact. The canopy is useless, it has no cup holder and a teeny tiny basket, and it's so light that if I even push one wheel through the grass, the darn thing gets stuck. I feel like I need a more substantial yet still easy to maneuver stroller, and that's why I've entered to win the Joovy Scooter from One Savvy Mom.
The Joovy Scooter has ergonomic handles, a cup holder, a roomy accessible basket, a huge canopy, a multi-position reclining seat, 5 point harness, and super durable fabric. It looks like a truly great stroller, and I would love to try one with my little girl. If you're in the market for a new stroller, check out the details for the Joovy Scooter. You can enter to win one of these great strollers at Good luck mamas!

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Marci said...

Hello, Just wanted to come follow you back and thank you for putting my button on your blog! :) Hope you have a great day and win something out of all those giveaways! (I hope I do too!)