Monday, January 3, 2011

Bloom Fresco Highchair Giveaway!

Like many of you mamas, I've breastfeed my daughter since birth, so when it comes to feeding her with anything other than, well, what nature gave me, I've been a little clueless. When she was a small baby, I just cradled her and nursed her wherever the need arose. When she was a bit older and just starting solids, she sat supported in her trusty Bumbo with feeding tray. My little girl had chubby thighs though, so that little gem didn't last very long. Before we knew it, we had moved into a new home, selling our own dining set in the process, and alas, we've now got no place for our toddler to sit and eat her solid meals. Granted, she still nurses (almost 17 months and still going strong! Yay!), but she needs to be able to sit with a plate and fork and cup in front of her so she can learn to feed herself. And an awesome Bloom Fresco highchair would be the perfect place for her to accomplish the task! Over on the wonderful blog, Feisty Frugal and Fabulous, one incredibly lucky family has the opportunity to win one of these chairs for the little love of their lives. If you want your chance to win it yourself, head over to
to learn how to enter. Good luck mamas!

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