Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wind and Weather Chair Swing Giveaway!

My family and I recently moved into a new, larger home. The extra space is wonderful, but it's also currently empty while we try to decide how to decorate. We are lucky enough to live in Hawaii for the next few years, so we have a back patio and porch that we can use year long. Well, we can use them if they had any kind of seating available. Right now, they are empty. I'm very decisive when it comes to how I want to decorate my home, and I go back and forth between my options for what feels like forever. Or at least what feels like forever to my husband. Sigh. He just does not get it.
I've been looking for pieces that are unique. I want fun, casual, comfortable, affordable, and different than what every neighbor on the block owns. And thank goodness I found Wind and Weather chair swings! I love these! The designs are gorgeous, and they look so comfortable. I can just imagine myself sitting in one, enjoying the breeze and a good book while the girls play in the yard. And an added bonus: I showed my husband and he immediately knew they were the right chairs for us. I've entered to win one from Thanks, Mail Carrier and so can you. Simply visit http://www.windandweather.com to check out their chair swings and other great products, then enter the giveaway at http://www.thanksmailcarrier.com/2010/11/checking-our-list-14-wind-weather-chair.html
Whoever wins this prize is an incredible lucky person. Good luck!

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