Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ragababe Black Friday Giveaway!

Ragababe is a relatively new cloth diapering company that is taking the diapering biz by storm. I have never heard of a single complaint from Ragababe users, and you can bet that had they been around before I made my own diapering purchases, these would have been in my cart for sure. The only negative aspect of Ragababe diapers is the somewhat steep price tag, but even that is understandable if you've researched their product. They use more expensive materials to manufacture their diapers which result in a superior diaper. And they produce their diapers in the USA instead of outsourcing work to other countries. That means a slightly more expensive diaper for us, but it's a great way of supporting local families, and it keeps a trustworthy diaper on our babies' butts. :)
Now here is your chance to try Ragababe products for free. Head over to the Ragababe facebook page, like them, and check out how to enter yourself into their Black Friday contest. It's simple to enter, it spreads the word about a great company doing great work, and it's a great chance to win amazing products for your little one. Good luck!

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