Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ergo baby Carrier Giveaway!

When my youngest was even younger, I never left the house without our pouch sling. Now that she's outgrowing the pouch sling, it can be a little difficult to get her situated comfortably. I love babywearing though, and I'm not ready to give it up. Every morning and afternoon, she and I walk with her older sister to kindergarten and then home again, so an Ergo would make these jaunts much more enjoyable. I love that with an Ergo carrier, I would have the option of front, back, OR hip carries and it would be suitable for a long time to come. (And maybe with another baby in the future, but that's still to be decided :b )
The sweet mommy over at Life With My Littles has put together a wonderful Ergo Baby Carrier giveaway for her followers. Check out her blog, read the review, and if you think the Ergo is something you'd love to own, enter the giveaway for your chance. Go here to check it out:

Good luck mamas!

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