Sunday, October 17, 2010

Britax Marathon 70 Giveaway

Reading through Sugar Pop Ribbons the other day, I came across a review/giveaway on their blog for a Britax Marathon 70 carseat. I've heard of Britax before, but to be honest, the brand is a little out of my price range. After watching a video of the safety features of the Marathon 70, I cannot believe there aren't more carseats on the market that are safe as this. Britax has really engineered a great carseat. Reinforced with steel, a lower center of gravity, specialized cushions that help keep the child AND other passengers safe, etc. I had to enter the giveaway after reading the review. There was no way I could pass up my chance to win such a great prize. But even if I am not the lucky winner, I will seriously be rethinking my budget in order to buy this seat for my little one. The safety is definitely worth the money. To find out more about the amazing Britax Marathon 70 and for your chance to win it for yourself, please visit

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